Week 5: Tackle What You Don’t Know

There can be a lot of fear in change. Let’s get ahead of the fear this week by tackling some of the unknowns. Sometimes just getting the list of what you don’t know out there, and developing a plan to address them, calms the nerves! Take some time to figure out what you don’t know.



Find yourself surrounded by teenagers, kids home from college or college grads early in their career this summer, be them your own or the neighbors’ or your nieces and nephews? Maybe babysitters? Ask them what technologies they’re using to communicate. What apps do they love? Take notes and learn about them. We love this advice from Lindsey Pollak.


Are you worried about a particular technology? Which one? If you’re returning to work or changing industries, what you need to know will be different. And there’s no way to know everything! Make a list of what’s critical to know now, and what you’ll want to know more about with time. Local libraries often offer free classes to learn about certain technologies. Practice what you can. Slack is increasingly replacing email inside companies. Try joining a Slack channel for a community group you’re involved with as a way to get familiar with it.


Are you interested in relaunching a career in marketing? Feel like applying your talents to the non-profit sector? Are you headed for a complete career pivot? Many of these leaps require new skills. While going back to school to get a Master’s Degree might not be realistic for you, there are many online resources to learn a new talent.

Online education platforms like HubSpot Academy, Udemy, EdX, and Skillshare are all good places to start if you’re interested in testing the waters of a new field. Consider certificate programs through Google or Microsoft. Or learn on a platform where you are already spending a ton of time with LinkedIn Learning. They offer previously recorded videos covering everything from Personal Branding to Social Media Marketing Tips to Negotiating Your Job Offer. These videos offer quick, bit sized learning moments—perfect for anyone balancing career + motherhood. 


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