Now that you have started noticing what’s happening around you and paying attention to what you like to do, don’t like to do, the moments of the day that speak to you (see Week One) — keep noticing. This week, we want you to continue honing in on what you want to do. Here’s how!



Summer parties and events present a perfect time to talk with others about what they think you are good at. It might feel awkward, but ask. Tell them you’re exploring what’s next and them to describe when they saw you thriving or having an impact. Add their comments to your journal. Do they align with themes from your Week One notes? What is new or different?


No one said we were offering conventional advice! Seriously — grab a few periodicals to read over the week.  What better to do while at the pool? Pick ones (we suggest at least one business magazine) that spark curiosity and that you’re naturally drawn to.

Take note of what you pick up. The Economist? Bon Appétit? Real Simple? This is so granular, but why do you like those magazines? Remember we’re getting in touch with what motivates you. While browsing, take note of anything that sparks and idea or something that makes you curious to know more. Articles about people can inspire when they tell us how they got where they are, how they found their passion. Circle, highlight, take notes. 

Bonus: Read the business section of your local or favorite national newspaper every day for one week. What companies are talked about that look interesting? What statistics catch your eye and get you thinking? Are you more drawn to growth stories? Operations? Product? Policy? News about foundations or non-profits? News about specific industries (education)?


Podcasts present a huge opportunity to learn while doing something else — like running, driving, commuting — and can spark new ideas and inspiration.

Build something/general inspiration: How I Built This with Guy Raz

Overcome fear: Magic Lessons with Elizabeth Gilbert 

Organization: This Organized Life

Summary of self-help books: By the Book

Motherhood: The Motherly Podcast


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