Meet our coaches

Kate Attea: Career Coach
Kate is a professional coach and expert strategist, specializing in finding fulfilling careers that are part-time, flexible, and contract & project-based.
Lynn Weitzman: Lead Coach
Lynn is an organizational development specialist and has expertise in the nonprofit sector. Connect with her if you’re looking for help with crafting an elevator pitch, interviewing, or transitioning careers.
Deena Goodman
Deena Goodman: Career Coach
Deena has a background in acting, social work, and public relations, which makes her approach to career coaching a unique one. Connect with her if you need a push toward knowing your value and developing your executive brand.
Kathleen Brady: Legal Industry Expert
Kathleen is an expert in the legal field. Connect with her if you’re looking for advice on job hunting in the legal field, or re-entering the industry if you had worked in it previously.
Sharon Singer: Career Coach
Sharon is the “master of reinvention” and has a fresh take on what it means to be a career consultant. Connect with her for help with personal branding, finding your inner confidence, and uncovering your unique story.
Barri Waltcher: Career Coach
Barri is a certified professional resume writer and the co-founder of Mind Your Own Business Moms. Connect with her if the first step in your job search is revamping your resume.
Caroline Kim Oh: Career Coach and Nonprofit Industry Expert
Caroline is an executive coach and a nonprofit industry expert. Connect with her to learn about what it takes to manage and lead in the nonprofit sector.
Anita Stockmans: Career Coach
Anita has helped over 1,500 students determine their career path, and she’s passionate about helping you do the same. Connect with her if you’re looking for a powerful set of tools to help you start your job search.
Stephanie Cabrera Esenwa: Career Coach
Stephanie is a professional development specialist with expertise in both the corporate and nonprofit fields as well as traditional and alternative legal careers.
Gail Berger: Career Coach
Gail is using her background in education, business, and psychology to propel her own success as a coach, consultant, and professor. Connect with her if you want someone who will ask you the tough questions to help you gain a fresh perspective.
Melissa Madura-Altmann: Communications Industry Expert
Melissa is a communications expert with specialities in the nonprofit and finance sectors. Connect with her if you need a creative problem solver who has a passion for modern language.
Mayra Sacco: Finance Industry Expert
Mayra is a finance expert who specializes in working with mid- to senior-level multicultural women. Connect with her if you want to focus on executive presence and relationship management in the finance industry.
Jennifer Oberstein: PR Industry Expert
Jennifer is a PR expert who has over 15 years experience in the industry. Connect with her if you want to learn from someone who has innovative ideas and knows what it’s like to work in media.


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