InnerBrilliance Coaching Coach Rosie Guagliardo on Après, a career resource for women returning to work

Want to feel more ease and joy daily while creating life results?

Rosie Guagliardo has loved being a life and career coach for 10 years and the founder of InnerBrilliance Coaching, LLC. She is also a beauty-seeking, lover of life, Italian-American (who wears Rosie-colored” glasses) while being pragmatic, purposeful, and results-oriented. The combination of these qualities inspires her to help women discover an easier way of living… where they can experience their life and career results with joy.

Rosie focuses on a woman’s truth – – her strengths, values, and gifts – – translating all of her qualities into a compelling personal brand that matches fulfilling career opportunities. She’ll see her own self-worth and learn how to authentically share her value with the rest of her world to create the life results she desires.

Rosie does this by showing women how to honor themselves and each other by seeing perfection within and all around them – – in themselves, in others, and in every moment of life. She guides a woman to become more passionate about her already perfect self, others, and life… therefore, creating a path that becomes absolutely unique and perfect for her.

Rosie’s desire is for a woman to radiate her real essence and navigate life gracefully so she can experience her deepest wishes. (And, for her 80-year-old self to have stories she would be proud to tell!)

Rosie’s certifications from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coaching Federation, along with her Psychology degree from Northwestern University and career in advertising, building brands for clients including McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch’s Adventure Parks, have served to train Rosie on how to identify meaningful, motivating desired outcomes for her coaching clients and stay on course to achieve them.

Do you work with clients virtually (via Skype, Google Hangouts, etc.)? YES
Email: Rosie@InnerBrillianceCoaching.com
Website: http://InnerBrillianceCoaching.com


Finding purpose, passion and happiness in career and life; Finding balance; Working through transitions and change.