Return to work coaching for career breaks

Our team are experts in returning mothers to work after career breaks of all shapes and sizes. Our team will meet you where you are in your return and get you going on the path to what’s next. You’ll work with one of the vetted coaches on our team and receive:

+ Introduction call with Stacey to assess next steps and assign a coach for you to work with

+ Two hours of individual coaching with an Après coach, tailored to you with action steps and follow up. We’ll spend time focused on what’s most helpful to you — from initial steps and strategies to more targeted coaching around interview preparation and positioning.

+ A Kindle copy of Your Turn: Careers, Kids and Comebacks–A Working Mother’s Guide

+ Access to our complete entire library of previously recorded workshops and webinars for additional job search support.

+ Access to our bi-monthly Tuesday coaching sessions.



Questions? Email contact@apresgroup.com

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