Return to work coaching for career breaks

Let us help get you back to work and discover what it is YOUR TURN to do. Our coaching kit is designed for women returning to work after career breaks of all sizes. You’ll work with a member of our team of experts.

Here’s how it works:

+ Once you sign up, we’ll send a form to tell us a bit about yourself plus book a 75-minute introductory call with career expert Stacey Delo who will lead you through a guided session to understand your experience and career goals to include:

  1. Recognition of your skill set, experience and superpowers (including transferable skills gained on career breaks) plus an understanding of how those apply to today’s job market and your job search
  2. A plan with action steps and timeline to get you back to work
  3. Renewed confidence in your experience and skills, your career gap, and the understanding that it is Your Turn!

+ Next, we’ll match you with one of Après career coaches for 2 hours (separate sessions) of individual coaching tailored to you with action steps and follow up. This may include resume building or LinkedIn profile work, elevator pitch creation and practice, outreach advice, continued exploration of jobs to pursue. 

Walk away with:

  • A solid elevator pitch, a plan of approach for your return to work, plus a complete Your Turn packet to keep you organized and on track.

It is Your Turn!



+ Extra coaching hours can be added on an hourly basis

Interested in Return to Work coaching or just a resume review or interview prep coaching? Click here. Questions? Email contact@apresgroup.comQuestions? Email contact@apresgroup.com

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