Reconnect with your professional self.

What you’ll need this week: A journal.

We’re going to start at the very beginning here — getting in touch with parts of your career self that you otherwise may not have time for thanks to routines and responsibilities. How? By taking note of everything that speaks to you during the coming week and writing them down. 



1. Get in touch with the NOW.

What articles catch your eye? What conversations leave you full or make you laugh? What tasks or meetings or things on your to-do list energize you. What parts of the day do you have more energy? What parts of your day do you like or dislike? What do you daydream about? What do you spend your day doing and what do you wish you were doing instead? Don’t worry about tying the pieces together! Just write everything down. 

2. Get in touch with the THEN.

Carve out some time this week to think back to a different time in your life when you really felt like you were thriving. Energy flowed easily. You loved what you did. Where were you? What did you do? Who were you with?

3. Get in touch with WHAT’S NEXT.

Review your notes. Are there similarities between the now and then? Themes you can detect? What comes easily to you? What strengths do you possess?



There’s Magic in Being Still

Some times busy-ness blocks us from seeing or feeling the signs we should be paying attention to: “Making space for stillness can feel really uncomfortable. But that stillness is also where the magic happens,” says career coach Julie Houghton.

Centering on the Old New You

Problems can arise when we focus too much of our energy on the well being of others and not enough on ourselves, according to career coach Laura Riordan, Ph.D. Here are 15 things you can do to reconnect with the “old you” as a means for centering yourself and remembering who you are.

Strategies for the Mini Meditation

Check out these strategies for meditation, even at the gas station (!). “When we meditate we slow things down and FEEL our bodies. We learn to let the thoughts be there but not to attach to them all the time so there can be space for calm, intuitive and creative voices to be heard,” writes life coach Johanna Beyer.


If you have an hour, we highly recommend this workshop on Discovering Your Purpose and Passion led by life coach Johanna Beyer.



Week One: Reconnect with Your Professional Self

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