A hiring manager I was talking with this week told me most companies can’t hire project managers fast enough. Sure enough, LinkedIn notes it as one of the most in demand jobs for 2021, and a quick search reveals 150,000 open job opportunities on their job board!

This is great news for mothers going back to work! 

The transferable skills learned while caregiving make mothers a natural for a project manager role. Here’s why:

  1. Project managers are the glue that keeps multiple projects on track. Sound familiar?! Moms are masters at managing multiple balls in the air to keep everyone moving toward success.
  2. Project managers are experts in team management. They don’t micromanage, but rather provide the overall view of who or what needs to contribute to the end goal, understands what resources each needs to be effective individually and collectively, and develops systems for them to communicate with each other and meet deadlines. Moms see what everyone needs to be successful, finds the tools to support those needs and let them thrive, and gently reminds everyone of expectations.
  3. Like mothers, project managers are experts in problem solving. It’s difficult to think of a better preparation for problem solving than motherhood, which is full of surprise tests almost on a daily basis, from logistics (how is darling daughter getting to soccer practice across town now that darling son has doctor’s appointment downtown and both parents are working) to emotions to resources (we’re out of milk).

All of this demands time management, active listening, empathy, delegation, conflict management and negotiation skills — all skills in demand as project managers — and all attributes mothers have in spades!

Project Manager Job Description

The best way to find out is to spend some time reviewing job descriptions on job boards. Find companies you’re interested in working for and then toggle to their program manager positions. Think about what they’re asking for through the lens of your individual skills and experience, and then tailor your resume to get the job.

For example, Monster.com gives a sense of what companies should include in a program manager job description, which you can use a general guide when thinking about your own skills.

  • Project Manager Job Responsibilities:
    • Achieves operational objectives by contributing information and recommendations to strategic plans and reviews.
    • Prepares and completes action plans.
    • Implements production, productivity, quality, and customer-service standards.
    • Resolves problems, completes audits, identifies trends, determines system improvements, and implements change.
    • Enhances department and organization reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests and exploring opportunities to add value to job accomplishments.
    • Meets financial objectives by forecasting requirements, preparing an annual budget, scheduling expenditures, analyzing variances, and initiating corrective actions.

Google Career Certificates

Also in demand are project managers, who keep the projects on task!   If you’re interested in a job in tech but want to explore options beyond program management, you’re in luck because Google has created additional certificate options in UX Design, IT, Android Development and Data Analytics. Hooray!


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