Your Après Premium Member Profile is your first impression to potential employers. Companies will be screening candidates based on their job needs. To be considered a match, select answers that reflect your work interests and experiences—be honest and true to yourself. Choose a photo that is engaging—smile and look directly at the camera. Remember, filling out your member profile should be exciting—it reflects where you’ve been, what you’ve done, and where you want to go.

While most of the categories are self-explanatory, we have provided some tips below for how to tackle the most important categories.

Employment History

Consider both paid and unpaid work. Work is defined as activity that provided a service and contributed to bottom-line results. Examples of paid work, other than salaried corporate jobs, are freelance or commission-based work, substitute teaching or tutoring, contract work, etc.

Include unpaid work (volunteer/pro-bono) stating the organization or cause and your position held. Your position is directly related to your function/committee (fundraising, membership, marketing/PR, etc.) and your role (chair, director, treasurer, team member, organizer, etc.). Be careful to only include unpaid work that a potential employee would find useful. In other words, baking cookies for a school bake sale should probably be excluded from your profile.

Last Position Held

This can be paid or unpaid work.

Please describe the greatest financial impact to your last organization:

“Impact” is defined as a significant effort that has contributed to the bottom-line. Not all efforts are directly financial (fundraising, sales). Some efforts help support making or saving the organization money (retention, participation, marketing/PR) and can affect the bottom-line.

  • Describe the situation or challenge
  • State the behavior or action you took
  • List the “impact” you had—the work, the team, the organization, and/or the bottom-line

Example: Lead fundraising event with team of 20 and 300 attendees which retained 80 percent of donors and generating $10K (or 25 percent increase over last year).

Please describe your greatest work accomplishment:

Highlight your achievements, not your duties. It’s not what you did, it’s how well you did it.

  • List all the things that set you apart
  • Pick one achievement that you are most proud of
  • Quantify it by adding all the facts, figures, and numbers
  • Add the benefit to the organization, the team, and the bottom-line

Example: Created a multi-media campaign that increased membership by 25 percent, resulting in exceeding fundraising goal by 50 percent.


Select the people who can vouch for your work performance, work ethic, and character. Choose those who will speak highly of you and who have shared positive experiences with you.

Who should be on your list?

  • Your current or past managers, peers, or clients
  • Your personal references or friends who can vouch for your character

What should your references be able to talk about?

  • A project(s) where they directly work(ed) with you and observed your ability to work with others and get things done.
  • Your work habits, contributions, strengths and talents, and your interaction with others.