Week 9: Ready, Set… Interview




Yes, you will get some generic questions such as tell us a time you are really proud of, how you overcame a setback, or what the biggest learnings you took from project xyz. It’s critical to prepare to discuss your strengths and weaknesses. But career coach Shannon Houde recommends a process to help you map your skills to the job requirements. Start by creating a document where you write out all the job requirements and bucket them into themes. Look for repetition of keywords, i.e., “project management,” for hints on what’s important to the hiring manager. Then go in and start to write about how your skills meet those criteria. Read her full advice here. Think about how to answer tricky questions such as, “You seem overqualified for this role, why should we hire you?” or, “Why are you changing jobs?”  Practice your answers out loud — it’s critical.


What will you wear? What will your body language communicate


Did you know that some first round interviews might be conducted not by a human, but by a computer, and you will respond on video?? Yes, just you and the computer. In this case, pretend you are responding to an actual person. Something like 60% of employers use video tools for interviewing so it is very likely you will answer some questions with or without a live human. In either case, it’s important to think about how you present on video. What does your background look like? Is there a pile of dirty laundry or a stack dishes on the kitchen counter? Is there enough light to see you? Is the camera looking up your nose? Don’t laugh! These are serious things to consider! Stack some books to raise your camera to eye level. Place a lamp or the diva ring light far enough away to not over light you but close enough so someone can see you. Wear something that looks good on camera and set your shot up to look professional. Popular interview tools could be Zoom, BlueJeans, WebEx or Skype — have you used any of these? Use the camera tool on your computer to set up your shot and make sure it looks good. Call a friend if you need to so they can take a look before the big interview.


Have You Met the New You?

Updating Your Personal Operating System to Clear the Way for What’s Next


How To Identify Your Strengths and Weaknesses in An Interview

There’s a good chance you’ll be asked to do this as your job search deepens. Follow the below rules to make sure you ace this part of the interview.


Interview Questions You’re Likely to Get—Plus How to Answer Them

Exude confidence by preparing yourself with the types of queries you could get come Q and A time.


Watch: Negotiating to Get What You Want 

Get ahead of the negotiating process with this interactive webinar!


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