Equal pay day calls attention to the fact that women earn 77 cents on average for every dollar a man earns (fact sheet). Here’s a look at what’s making the rounds on the Web:

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Equal Pay: Making Every Day “Equal Pay Day” (Catalyst)

Key takeaway: More than 12 million families with children rely primarily on women’s earnings. When women are paid less, families have less money to spend on their children’s food, healthcare, and education.

The Education Gap’s Impact Could Eliminate the Gender Pay Gap (Forbes)

Key takeaway:  Women are being and will continue to be creatively and aggressively targeted by companies in need of educated workforces as long as they outlearn men.

The Wage Gap, State by State (National Women’s Law Center)

Key takeaway: The largest pay gap between men and women is in Wyoming.

It’s Equal Pay Day, but Still No Paycheck Fairness Act

Key takeaway: Learn about the Paycheck Fairness Act, which “would prohibit employers from paying a man more than a woman for the same job and stop employers from punishing women who call them out for pay disparities.”


Salary calculators and tips on negotiating for more pay.

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