A new operating system comes out and we rush to update our devices, but what about ourselves? Are we integrating the newest version of us? 

Now, you may be one who waits to install the update until you see how it works for others, or until the bugs are all worked out. Or, maybe you feel you have always been doing something the same way and it is working out for you, like that old chocolate chip cookie recipe that makes everyone happy. If this is sincerely the case, then keep on doing it the same way!

But if you want to do something different or want a different result, you have to update your data to the new you.

You have new life experience, new information, new preferences and maybe even new values. You may wish to work with new people or in a new environment.

Don’t bring the old you to a new situation. Update your operating system as we begin the New Year!

Tips for installation:

  1. Understand that this may take some time. You will need to practice the new ways of thinking or new behaviors you are uploading. Be kind to yourself and understand that this is a process of baby steps.
  2. Shut everything off before installation. You will need down time to integrate new information and experiences into your daily life.
  3. Stop outward checking. Focus on how you are feeling inside and not what others are thinking, doing and feeling. Check-in with yourself frequently to stay focused on your process.
  4. Remove all barriers inside and outside of your system. Get rid of limiting beliefs by turning them into positive affirmations. Clean up your environment and have those challenging conversations to clear space for the new you.
  5. Share your new operating system with others. Tell people about your new insights, aha’s and experiences so that they can reflect the new you back to you!

Photo by Cathryn Lavery on Unsplash