We HEART these jobs with Arterys.

Arterys takes images of the heart to keep it healthy and problem solve. Help this funded startup recruit the best talent, or work closely with the team to keep them organized.

Contract Recruiter – Arterys

Recruit for the Bay Area, but fine to work remotely.

Administrative Assistant – Arterys

The hiring manager needs someone organized and smart to keep the team humming. She’s happy to talk about schedules for this full time role that could include some remote work, and is open to people with gaps in her resume. She also found her job through Maybrooks!

Do you LOVE Baking and Technology?

Look no further than PreciBake in New York City, whose founder is adamant about providing a friendly workplace for working moms. The team is also willing to look beyond gaps in resumes!

Part Time Project Administrator

Full Time Flexible Executive Assistant

Looking to put those strategy skills to use? Check out The Trium Group — consulting gone friendly. This opportunity is in Los Angeles.

Principal / Manager Role — The Trium Group

Let’s hear it for these smart, flexible work opportunities!

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