Ah, 2015, goodbye. You were good to us.

We’ll remember you as the year we celebrated a new look for Maybrooks, and the launch of our database of companies that work for working families. Want to know how much paid leave a company offers (if any) or if it provides any flexible work options? How about how many women work there and other clues into a company culture?  Look it up and be better informed. Culture first, job second.

We’ll also remember you for these popular posts!

Did You Receive Paid Maternity Leave?

We asked this question in March and collected anonymous data that is now helping other women understand the culture at different companies in our searchable database. Even if you’ve already had children and feel you won’t benefit from paid leave at a company, we’ll encourage you to think again. Knowing that a company offers paid leave means it is thinking about how it can support working women (and men) — and that’s a good thing. Have a company to add? Submit it here.

Missing the Me Before the Mom

On the first overnight trip away from her infant, recruiter Jackie Hanselman Sergi writes about missing the career-driven, travel road warrior she was before the birth of her daughter. In this heartfelt piece, Sergi outlines the five stages she went through to grieve the loss of that woman, and ultimately embrace the new one.

A Baby’s Health Brings Clarity for New Mom at Pinterest

Pinterest Engineer Sha Sha Chu was 30 weeks pregnant when doctors discovered a cyst on her baby’s brain. the ensuing weeks and months brought perspective and clarity that for this new mother that we can all learn from.

A Pilot Program for New Moms at Etsy

Etsy has received good attention for significantly increasing the number of women engineers there in one year. But we talked with the company and learned how it’s also supporting working moms and dads through new programs — and that they really do love babies.

Five Years After Leaving the 9-5

Deciding to take a break from work to be with your children can be scary. Adrienne Robillard chronicles the experience of taking the leap — and what she has learned along the way.

See you in 2016 — it’s going to be a great one. Happy New Year!