Why is it 2015 and finding information about how much maternity leave a company provides is like finding a needle in a haystack? It shouldn’t be, and we need your help to collect this information.

We want to build the largest database of information that ultimately highlights what makes a company family friendly, and your part is very simple: Did you have paid maternity leave at your company? Tell us about it in the anonymous form below, and help us shift the paradigm for all working moms and families.

Please share this link with 10 friends! Please share this link on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and with your email groups and networks. The more input we have, the more we can affect change. (If you’re an employer or official representative of the company, please use this form to provide more detail.)

One note: We’re redesigning our website and had wanted to wait for the redesign launch to send this push, but the time is now — the conversation has momentum, and the movement is too important. Thank you for your input!