New York, NY  — March 8, 2017 – Après, the New York-based digital network for experienced professional women, and Maybrooks, the Silicon Valley-based career resource for moms, are joining forces and will operate under the Après brand it was announced today by Après Co-Founder and CEO Jennifer Gefsky and Maybrooks Founder and CEO Stacey Delo. By coming together, Après and Maybrooks are doubling down on their respective efforts to connect companies seeking talent and diversity with experienced, professional women looking to return to or transition within the workforce. Gefsky will continue in her role as Après CEO, and Delo will become Chief Content Officer.

“As more and more women plan career breaks and work longer than ever before, we want Après to be the essential digital resource for every step of a woman’s career journey,” said Gefsky. “At the same time, companies are starting to understand that diversity affects their bottom line – those with 50% women in senior operating roles show 19% higher return on equity on average [1]. We’ve been longtime fans of  Maybrooks and are thrilled to integrate the site into the Après brand.”

At less than one year since launch, Après has 30K members and more than 100 corporate partners on-board, ranging from big companies, to tech startups to not-for-profits. Partners include Facebook, JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, AT&T and PepsiCo.

“I’m delighted to join the Après team to realize our joint vision – helping women find rewarding careers that work for them,” said Delo. “Après offers a smart solution for women who navigate non-linear career paths, often as a result of balancing professional pursuits with family obligations, and I’m excited to bring Maybrooks’ robust editorial content and loyal clients to the brand.”

In addition to a curated job marketplace, Après features a plethora of original content, which will now incorporate four years of content from Maybrooks, a best-in-class roster of career coaches and a supportive community of women with whom to connect and share ideas.

Since its launch in May 2016, Après has become the fastest growing digital network for professional women returning to or transitioning within the workforce. Dubbed “The LinkedIn For Women Who Have Taken A Career Break,” (Fast Company) and the solution to “the motherhood penalty” (New York Magazine), Après has worked with prominent organizations and Universities, including Catalyst, Ellevest, Harvard Business School, Wharton Business School and Stanford University.

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About Après

Founded in May 2016 by Jennifer Gefsky and Niccole Kroll, Après (apresgroup.com) is a digital recruiting platform that connects highly-educated and accomplished women looking to return to the workforce or pivot in their careers with companies seeking talent and diversity. Après offers members a broad platform of tools to successfully navigate their reentry into the workforce, including original content, online tutorials and a roster of the highest-quality career coaches. Most importantly, the site hosts a curated job market, geared specifically to this group, from a variety of sectors with a wide array of job types. Après boasts 30K members from across all 50 states, 55% of who hold graduate degrees, and currently has more than 100 corporate partners.

About Maybrooks

Maybrooks is a career resource for moms. The site connects female talent with flexible job opportunities, data on family friendly companies, and resources and content to navigate their careers from maternity leave through career breaks. Maybrooks founder Stacey Delo is an accomplished journalist who helped build the online video team at The Wall Street Journal Digital Network and hosted one of WSJ’s groundbreaking live video programs, “Digits,” covering the day’s technology news. Stacey graduated from the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University and holds a Masters from American University. After having her daughter in 2010, Stacey negotiated her work-week down to three days. This process led her to realize the need for a resource like Maybrooks — where smart moms could find flexible job opportunities that allowed them to continue being highly skilled contributors at every life stage. Stacey lives with her husband and two children in San Francisco.



[1] Why Diversity Matters, McKinsey & Company, January 2015