It’s a great time to be a job seeker. There are more open jobs than people looking to fill them, resulting in a high demand for labor. This means anyone actively seeking a job should be able to find one — hooray!

That said, to be actively seeking a job… one must actually be actively seeking a job. Yes, this appears obvious, but as moms we often prioritize the care of those around us. One survey showed moms will even put pets before ourselves!

At the beginning of the year, I found myself doing this as I made a list for things I want / need to accomplish and realized all the milestones were geared toward others. I added to the list a few things I want to focus on for myself, and added: “I am going to project manage the ***shiitake mushroom*** out of myself.”

In fact, moms make amazing project managers! Why on earth don’t we do a better job of doing this for ourselves?

proj·ect man·ag·er


1. the person in overall charge of the planning and execution of a particular project.

In our webinar this week, we challenged attendees to be their own project managers — to be in charge of the planning and the execution of getting the job they want. And we outlined a plan to help you be actively seeking a job and stick to it:

  1. Design your workplan with a timeframe attached to keep yourself on track and consider an accountability partner to help with this.
  2. Hone your elevator pitch and practice it with others — this will help with reaching out for jobs, aligning your resume, and interviewing.
  3. Spend some time on LinkedIn building your connections, discovering new opportunities, and creating a professional presence.
  4. Do your research to identify specific job types, industries and companies/organizations you are interested in pursuing to be efficient with your search.
  5. Round out what’s missing by asking trusted friends or contacts (or work with us) to review your resume and highlight areas for improvement. Could your resume be better tailored to the work you want to do? Is it worth your time to get a certificate in your new area of interest?

What will you project manage for yourself? Fill in the blanks in this sentence for yourself: I am going to project manage the __________ out of myself to do ________________ in 2022. It is my turn!

Print it out and post it somewhere to keep it fresh in your mind. What is it Your Turn to do?



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