This may sound counter-intuitive, but it is possible to have a successful career as a wealth manager and still be a mom with some flexibility.

I know this because I grew up living with one. When I was 10 years old, my mom went back to work to become a financial advisor. I truly don’t remember her ever not being there once she started back, though I do remember her pulling into the school parking lot on two wheels as she raced to pick me and my sister up on time. I also remember her running in high heels a lot. But I have good memories of her going back to work. We were proud of her and certainly never felt neglected.

Fast forward 25+ years and she’s still working as a successful financial advisor with her own firm. This Reuters blog post rang true to me as it talked about wealth management being the type of career where one can still have a life, with some specific tips for how to manage/prioritize one’s time.

Some of the folks quoted in the article talk about making less as they put families on the front burner, and we think that’s one reason why this is a great career for women — you can turn it up or turn it down when you need to, depending on your own situation. As one woman told Reuters:

“There are a lot of great advisers out there, but there can only be one great mom for my kids,” said Ginger Ewing, an adviser at Ameriprise Financial and a mother of six children – including three recently adopted – who works 30 hours a week. “I have the ability to create a business that allows me to have that balance.”