Week 8: Build Your Courage Muscle

Taking the first step to apply is always the hardest part. This week we’re working on building the courage muscle and applying to a job.




Go back to the first weeks of this series and revisit your accomplishments. Now is the time to put all of them front and center in your mind and in your cover letters and interviews. Dig deep! And then get started. Pick a job to apply to. Maybe one that you’re unsure about but can take the first step with. Remember that rejection is part of any journey but do not despair! As a friend always tells me, it takes deal flow to close a deal. It’s good advice to take to heart. Career Coach Jennifer Chow Bevan offers some great tips on building your courage muscle here.



Many job applications ask for a cover letter of sorts, whether it’s a note inside a talent application system, an attachment or just the body of an email. What will you tell that will make you stand out? We suggest writing a letter and sharing it with a friend or colleague for feedback. Write it so you can add a personal line at the top and tailor to a specific job or company without needing to reinvent the entire letter each time. We love this concept of flipping the script to write a killer cover letter.



Just like practicing out loud for interviews (coming next week!) the practice of applying to jobs will help you. You’ll learn what works best for responses and in turn be able to tweak your message. But you’ll never know unless you take the first step and launch yourself out there. Practice makes perfect! 



How to Build Your Courage Muscle

Is fear holding you back from career change or returning to work? Career Coach Jennifer Bevan offers tips on baby steps that will help you build your courage “muscle.”

Journey to Rediscover Your Courage
“After I became a mother, my courage hibernated even deeper. The freedom to quit anytime felt like it vanished, and walking to the beat of my own drum seemed like a fantasy.”

3 Things to Keep in Mind When Applying to a Job Via Email
Remember, it’s all about making sure you stand out—but in a short, concise way.



Watch: Silencing Your Inner Critic — hosted by Life and Career Coach Johanna Beyer

I Won’t Get Fooled Again: A workshop to help you befriend your Inner Critic so that you can take the leap back into work, make a career or life change, and learn to get in touch with your juicy dreams so that you can bring a radiant and happy energy to all the relationships in your life including yourself!



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