Applying to a job via email is all about making YOU stand out—but the key is doing it in a succinct way.

Scores of people are likely to be responding to the same posting. So, the real question is: What’s the most interesting part of your professional story, and how should you share it so you land an interview?

There are three components to the email application:

  1. The subject line—make it pop.
  2. The body of the email—formal, short, and sweet; use bullet points.
  3. What you attach to the email—attention-grabbing bio or resume.

The subject line:

The subject line should include the job title and your name. Capitalizing is fine—either the whole subject line or part of it to grab the reader’s attention.

Keep it short and include at least the following:

  • Applying for “Job XYZ”—NAME
  • NAME—Applying for” Job XYZ”

This makes it easy for the reader to connect you to a specific job posting.

The body of the email:

The body of the email should be formal and professional; correct grammar and punctuation is a must. It should convey three things:

  1. Your knowledge of the job and some understanding of the company.
  2. Why you think you’re qualified for the job.
  3. Your desire to schedule an interview, meeting, or call to learn more. Make sure to include specific time frames.

Below is an example of the email structure you could use:


I read the posting for XYZ JOB with great excitement and feel I have a strong skill set and some critical experiences that are relevant for this position.

I also recently saw [reference an article or bit of information you just learned about the company], and it made me realize that this company would be a great place to take the next step in my career.

I am attaching my full resume to share my qualifications, but wanted to highlight a few areas of experience that I believe are a great fit for this role:


I would love (like) to schedule a time to chat with you and discuss this opportunity and my qualifications further. I am available as follows:

[Specify dates/time frames.]

Please let me know if anything will work in these time frames, or what might be more convenient for you.

I look forward to hearing back from you!



What you attach to the email:

The resume or bio you attach is critical. Please check our tutorial on preparing a resume or bio that pops! Think about including elements like:

  • A headshot—make sure it’s professional
  • Using more than one color in the bio/resume
  • Highlighting headline statements or bullet points focused on:
    • Career goals/aspirations
    • Significant successes from previous roles
    • Key management responsibilities you may have had

Don’t feel bound to outlining your experience in chronological order. Position your time off as a growth experience—describe what you were involved in during that period of time and how you furthered your development professionally and personally. Be sure to open the downloads before you send them to make sure the formatting looks correct.

Find more resources for your job search such as updating your resume, positioning a career gap, or polishing a LinkedIn profile here. Consider working with our team to align your resume to the job descriptions you want to pursue.

Once you hit send, you’ll want to start preparing for the interview process and get your Zoom set up ready! Check out our favorite video light here.


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