If you’re just starting to interview during the pandemic, you’ll find there’s something happening much like in the rest of your life — everything is virtual! Whether it’s Zoom, Google Meet, WebEx, or a different service, a professional light can really make a difference in what we call your “Zoom view” — the shot that people will see when interviewing you.  

Yes, you can use the lights in your house to light your shot, but we like this 10″ Selfie Ring Light by UBeezie for a variety of reasons:

  1. It’s mobile and comes with an expandable tripod to adjust to the height that works for you. Move it around with ease.
  2. There are three, dimmable color options to choose from — warm, white and natural.
  3. The power source is your computer and you use a remote to adjust the lighting and turn the camera on and off.

Interviewing virtually requires different preparation and tools than in-person interviews. We’ve put together a full Zoom 101, but a simple first step is to up your lighting game. 

Plus, when you get the job, you’ll be ready meeting ready

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