Week 6: LinkedIn, Resumes and Portfolios

Resumes, LinkedIn profiles, portfolios and websites take TIME to think about, tailor, develop and edit. The hardest part (aside from the courage to hit send or publish!) is to get started! And it can feel overwhelming if you’re still nailing down what it is you want to do. The practice of crafting the materials that will explain who you are and what you want to do, might be illuminating or a forcing factor in honing in on that piece. Either way, they’re critical pieces that will communicate what’s next.




Start to tackle what needs to be updated or created. If you need to update a resume, start there, then polish or create a LinkedIn profile.

Do you need a portfolio to show previous work, or do you have a blog to showcase writing samples? Start dissecting and reframing what you want these materials to say about you. Ask people you know to share their resume with you. Browse LinkedIn for similar job titles and see how people position themselves.

What words do they highlight? Are you shifting from corporate to non-profit or communications to product? Sales to personal finance? How will the language on your old resume need to change? We suggest printing out your resume and doing a hard copy edit.

Spend some time with your transferable skills — where can you weave these into your resume?

You’ll ultimately want to send a PDF version that shouldn’t be more than a couple pages. Pro Tip: Open files before you share them to make sure they are formatted correctly.

Your LinkedIn profile should be a shorter version of your resume with more flair. 


The goal is to work, rework and edit these materials until you’re happy with them, then share them with a trusted colleague, friend, coach or family members for feedback and further editing. Is there a recruiter you once worked with who could review your portfolio for a nominal fee to tell you if it represents what companies are looking for? Is there an old colleague who could review your LI profile or resume? Think about taking advantage of alumni services. Many schools offer career services to alums — this could be a valuable and free service.

We also offer a one-hour resume or LinkedIn profile review to help you align these to the jobs you’re searching for.


Portfolios require more time. Consider using Squarespace or Canva to build yours. Highlight your best work and link to your resume and LinkedIn profile.


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