“My first job was detasseling corn. I didn’t come from a farm, but I came from farm country. And then in college, I had to work my way through college, so I had a number of jobs, including as a janitor. I cleaned toilets. I painted houses. I was a cashier at a convenience store. When you’re in that, you don’t think, “Oh, this is great.” But now I reflect back on that and say: “What a blessing. How wonderful is that?”” – Beth Ford, CEO Land O’ Lakes

Don’t forget to take stock of everything you’ve done in your career and assign value to those roles — each has taught you a lesson that will apply toward what’s next.

Intersection Growth Partners is looking for an Executive Assistant or Recruiting Coordinator to assist with the firm’s executive search process, exclusively focused in the Fintech arena. It’s an opportunity to put your organizational and communication skills to work at a high level — reporting directly to the COO. Learn more and apply! >>


Tiger 21, premier international peer membership organization for high-net worth wealth creators, is looking to hire a Chair Support Specialist (CSS) for their 50+ “Chairs.” The role of the CSS would be to assist with logistics, delivery and execution of 700+ member meetings that take place around the world each year. 


Blockchain industry leader, Metal has exciting new opportunities – Product Marketing Designer Blockchain Business Development Lead, Staff AccountantBlockchain PR ManagerSocial Media Manager.

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PR Council Relaunch Certificate (Free Training Program)
Relaunch your career in PR with this free program sponsored by the PR Council. Complete eight recorded training sessions and receive certification for use on a LinkedIn profile or resume. Plus, upload your resume to their private job board to be seen by their 140+ PR member agencies. Learn more in this info session we conducted with their team and register for the program here!


Zurich: Remote Opportunities with Training
Zurich North America is a great company for moms with transferable skills who are looking to receive on-the-job training while getting paid to work. Learn more here!

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