Have it all? Yet, exhausted trying to keep it all ‘going’?

Do self-doubt, exhaustion, and stress keep you from living your best life?

Discover an easier way of living – – where you can experience better results for your life and career with more ease and joy (versus struggle & stress).

In this webinar, we’ll work on the following:

  • Understanding and accepting all aspects of yourself – – even the ones you might want to change.
  • Minimizing self-limiting beliefs that deplete your energy.
  • Being your most brilliant self daily to more naturally attract what you want for your life.

Webinar Outcomes:

This approach will help you to feel more inspired to go for your deepest desires while feeling happier every step of the way. By the end of the workshop, you’ll have practical tools for moving past what holds you back and creating a more inspiring vision for your life.


Webinar leader:

Rosie Guagliardo is a certified coach and founder of InnerBrilliance Coaching. Rosie’s certifications from the Coaches Training Institute and International Coaching Federation, along with her Psychology degree from Northwestern University and career in advertising, building brands for clients including McDonald’s and Anheuser-Busch’s Adventure Parks, have served to train Rosie on how to identify meaningful, motivating desired outcomes for her coaching clients and stay on course to achieve them.