You often hear the word Zen but very few understand what it really means.  

Although it can have a different meaning to each person, there are a few guiding points that can help one understand the word’s essence and spirit.

Living in Zen

Living in Zen means to be “awake,” full of spirit and mindfulness. It’s tapping into your natural way of being intelligently and consciously, enabling you to live in accordance with your life’s passions with more creativity and confidence. It’s also about discovering your highest potential, inspired communication and heightened leadership abilities. This way of life is so powerful that it makes every day feel like a blessing.

Below, I highlight a few ways that you can get closer to creating a Zen Life within your daily routine.

1. Follow Your Inner Voice

Yes, it’s true what they say. We do have an inner voice. Some people refer to it as their Inner God or Intuition. It not only guides you quietly for the most important decisions in your life, it’s another resource you have within you just like your heart and mind. But first, you must learn how to silence your mind and allow your intuition to speak to you, flow with you and begin guiding you. The more you listen, the more often it will speak to you.

2. Let Things Go

Sometimes, acceptance is more important than resolution. When we accept situations, we automatically find peace. Therefore, there is no need to really resolve anything. Deeper pondering and exploration of situations eventually leads to self-solutions. Things naturally work out as they are intended to. Deeper pondering and exploration of situations eventually lead to self-solutions. Things naturally work out as they are intended to. Once we believe this, we stop trying to change things and allow them to take their natural course.

3. Connect With Yourself 

Ask yourself, what makes me feel “alive?” Being present with what your body, mind and spirit are telling you, means you are in congruence with them. This creates a radiant effect. Learn to love and respect yourself as a whole person; don’t break yourself up into parts.

4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up 

Forgive yourself and others for whatever it may be. Do it little by little, step by step. It may take time but work on this as a daily goal. Discover more of your natural energies and inner resources. This will allow you to begin living with fullness.

5. Support Others In Their Journey 

Living in Zen also entails having responsibilities larger than yourself. Taking the higher road and supporting others in their life’s journey. It means being there for others as they find their way back to themselves. So allow others to grow in their own way and complete their own journey without interfering.

The Zen Way allows you to be the master of your life. It allows you to grow, while creating support for others through a demonstration of peace, strength and courage. It is one of the most gracious ways to live your life. And as you focus more inward, your journey outward will automatically become more confident, purposeful and enhanced.

Are you ready to begin?

Ready. Steady. Zen…


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