Bina Jhaveri, executive coach on Après, a career resource for women returning to work or seeking flexibility.

Bina works with individuals, teams and organizations in various capacities. She guides them in developing their own leadership style, helping them discover their individual strengths and develop their fullest potential whilst supporting their organizational objectives. She also collaborates with entrepreneurs, SMEs and individuals going through a transition, enabling them to overcome everyday obstacles, build confidence and motivation as well as support their commitment towards personal and professional goals, one action at a time.

Her ultimate vision is to share a best-practice approach, creating organizational and attitudinal change by raising the overall corporate bar in human behavior, people processes, passion and business coaching. “To enable individuals to become better human beings while discovering their own purpose, every single day is my undying quest…”

She has worked with several individuals across the globe that are in unique stages within their life and career. From helping someone get back into the workplace, rediscovering their passion, resume optimization and interview mastery to identifying a complete career shift are all areas she specializes within.

Bina has an Executive Masters in International Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing. She was chosen as the first faculty through Symbiosis Coaching to teach their International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coaching Program and has been a Coach instructor and Mentor for many years. She is also a writer and enjoys learning about cultural sensitivity and diversity in the workplace.

Contact informationatozencoaching@gmail.com

Executive, Career, Transition and Spirit Coaching