Transitions are challenging for most of us and the truth is that they should be.

A transition is like a chemistry experiment where you are moving from one state to another and along the way there is turbulence. A transition creates an internal state of chaos so that you can reorganize the patterns in your life and get rid of what is no longer working.
Think back to your high school chemistry class where you added different substances to a beaker and witnessed the intensity of change unfolding in a frothing, multi-colored liquid.

Do you remember how exciting it was to watch the intense transition happening inside the beaker? That is the same intensity you are feeling inside your body during a transition. It was fun to watch the chaos going on inside the beaker, however inside your body it can be irritating, disorienting and difficult to navigate.
During this transitional time, when everything seems to be in flux and your old patterns have collapsed, you may feel unsteady but are also most malleable to change.

Now is the time to explore, brainstorm, and consider the positive changes you wish to make before your life begins to naturally solidify into new patterns.

Here are 10 tips to help you through a transition and support your growth along the way:

  1. Slow down and pay attention. Become curious about your internal experience and take time for self-reflection.
  2. Know that this state is temporary and moving you into something bigger and more expansive.
  3. Cultivate an internal locus of control and be responsible for the choices you make and the environment that you create.
  4. Talk about what is going on inside of you with someone who is present and grounding.
  5. Lean on your strong relationships and ask for help from people who have your back.
  6. Recall previous times of transition and think about what went well. Remind yourself that you have been successful at transition in the past.
  7. Think about what you would have done differently in past transitional times and search for new strategies this time.
  8. Keep moving forward and baby step your way through the transition.
  9. Step outside the beaker! Volunteer or perform a random act of kindness. Giving helps you to feel connected to something larger than yourself and offers a brief repose from the intensity inside.
  10. Have compassion for those who are in the direct path of the explosion should your intensity overflow. Try not to lash out at those around you who may be trying to offer you support. They are unable to feel what is going on inside of your body. Sharing your experience will help both of you to be more at ease with the transitional stage.


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Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash