Aline Simon, Reverse Mortgage Professional, American Advisors Group



Après: Congratulations on returning to work after a career break! How was the transition back for you and your family? 

Aline: The decision to go back to work after having my two kids was easy, yet agonizing. I fortunately did not have to go back to work, but I had a deep desire to return to my professional life.

I opted to wait until my children entered kindergarten before returning to work, but also looked for and orchestrated a schedule that allowed me to still drop them off at school and pick them up at the end of their day. From their perspective, the transition was fluid and transparent.

On occasions that I needed to be at work a little later and longer, I learned how to delegate to my husband and their nanny, knowing that I couldn’t be everywhere at once.


Après: In your case you opted back into an industry you understood because you have a lending background, though you’re applying the knowledge in a new direction. How did you feel about your skills when you started looking for a job after your break?  

Aline: After a long break, I was not sure what to expect. Bottom line, mortgage lending was pretty much all I knew, so I was comfortable with the language, concepts and fundamentals. Though conventional lending was what I did before, the spinoff to reverse mortgages did not seem daunting at all.  


Après: Can you tell us a little bit about the role? Is it possible for someone with no previous mortgage or finance related background to thrive as a Reverse Mortgage Professional (also called a loan officer)?

Aline: Absolutely! At AAG, training and development is the cornerstone of their success.They spend significant sums of money to ensure that all the loan officers have the tools to be successful. Whether you have no previous mortgage or finance background (and even for those that come with an extensive mortgage sales resume), everyone benefits.

New professionals receive six weeks of training and time for licensing upfront, including understanding of operations, the sales process, communications, sensitivity classes, effective time management, product knowledge and more. I also want to note that we don’t do any cold calling — we receive our leads as a result of television ads, direct mail, Internet leads and affiliate relationships.


Après: When we spoke on the phone you mentioned that your schedule is very much your own. Is this true for everyone who is a Reverse Mortgage consultant, and what does your schedule look like?

Aline: Yes! My hours are from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Again, that affords me the ability to drop off my kids at school and pick them up at dismissal — both of which are very important to me personally. To manage my time best, I plan my borrowers’ appointments accordingly. With that being said, I still continue to be a Top 3 Performer in the company!


Après: What do you like most about what you do?  

Aline: Being able to see how this financial tool allows seniors peace of mind, financial freedom and the potential for living versus existing. This transaction can be a game changer for many and creates such meaningful and lifetime relationships for the loan officer and the borrowers.


Après: What’s next for you?  

Aline: That is a great question! I am certain that my career will continue here at AAG for a long time. Once I retire I think I will increasingly be involved in senior-related organizations including the Alzheimer Family Services Center, American Red Cross, and Oasis Senior Center.

Learn more about becoming a Reverse Mortgage Specialist with AAG by exploring their open opportunities here.

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