What would change in your life if you chose to stop accepting “it’s fine,” and faced these questions instead: What are the opportunities here? What doors would open to create new results?

It’s an interesting concept to explore. Think about it. What would happen if you said, it’s not OK that my voice isn’t heard in meetings. Or, it’s not OK that I haven’t been promoted. It’s not OK that I don’t feel like myself when I’m not working. Or, it’s not OK that I don’t feel in control of my own destiny. What would change?

I think a lot about this as I’m raising a daughter. How do we as parents empower her to find her voice and use it, versus accepting that it’s OK to always listen and support others’ ideas and thoughts.

If you find yourself in the category of rationalizing things as “it’s fine,” you’ll want to explore this thought-provoking post by Leadership Coach Marcia Schlissel. Marcia is leading one of our webinar workshops on March 6, exploring seven perspectives that inform our leadership and engagement. Learn more and register here >>