Ever wish you could impact the way you order online from your favorite retailer? Prevent things like deliveries ending up at the wrong address, or the wrong product left at your doorstep hours before you need it?

Genpact does just that, by focusing on the “source-to-pay” (S2P) procurement model that, when running smoothly, improves profitability, generates revenue, and drives savings for the online retailer using it. Genpact stands for “generating business impact” and is a global leader in digitally powered business process management and services.

The company is currently hiring an Assistant Vice President, Source to Pay Consulting to work remotely in a full-time, senior project management role focused on winning new deals, coaching and mentoring existing account teams to move along the service value chain, and providing consulting to customers in the S2P space. The person in this mid-to-back office role will have a hand in mapping out the steps from checkout to delivery, and focusing on new processes that help client companies save money and be more accurate.

Melissa Smith, AVP, North America Executive Talent Acquisition, explains it this way: “Think about if I ordered from Amazon,” she says. “I do dog rescue so I order a three horsepower dog hair dryer online, but I noticed it said four horsepower when it was delivered. The worker must have taken the wrong model, and then they sent me the wrong model. That’s a seventy-dollar difference. So that’s costing Amazon money because maybe there is not the right double-check systems in place. The question is: How can they make that process better, faster, less expensive?”

On the job training is available, says Smith, as the person who fills the role will be working “side by side with individuals that are very much versed in this space.” The role comes with three weeks of vacation, and 11 paid holidays. Family-friendly policies include child care facilities, and stork parking.

Though travel is a sizeable part of the job, at 50% that can mean two days a week or four days over the course of two weeks working at a client site, with the rest of the time working from home, which, says Smith, offers many women looking to return to work the flexibility they crave.

In addition to working with clients, the role calls for liaising with pre-sales people and sales people in trying to come up with a solution for the client.

“If somebody is coming who [is returning to] the workforce this is a great way for them to quickly be educated on new technologies, and what are some of the best practices that are going on and getting up to speed on this space,” says Smith. “You are going to be working alongside very passionate people that have a ton of experience in the space. Who better to learn from those types of individuals than just reading about it in a book or white paper?”

Genpact, which began 19 years ago as a business unit within General Electric, became an independent company in 2005. Its diversity practices include a sponsorship program aimed at advancing the career growth of high-potential mid-management female employees; Career 2.0, a program to bring back senior women on sabbatical to boost diversity at the top; and the Women’s Networking Forum, a platform for women professionals at Genpact to interact with senior leaders.

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