WHO SHE IS: Kristen Hill, Director at Bank of America Merrill Lynch – Emerging Market Equity Sales; Co-Founder of Moms in Training


SUCCESS STORY: Grew Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Moms in Training program from 30 moms to 1,500 moms nationwide in just 3 years, raising over $2 million

WORK SCHEDULE: 6:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. — it’s finance in New York City, what can I say? Long hours but predictable (with some flexibility) and limited travel. Live 10 mins from the office so that helps.

KIDS: Charlie, 3.5 years old (he won’t let you forget the half!), & Maya, 8 months

RECENT SMART READ: Long books, tough these days! AFAR Travel Magazine — makes you feel like you are in foreign country while reading on the couch

BEST TIME-MANAGEMENT TIP: Divide and conquer – I handle the kids’ classes & school; my husband handles medical and bills — delegating tasks has really helped keep us organized and sane.

1. You work in emerging markets for a major bank. Many women leave finance because it’s tough to manage with kids. What’s your secret to making it work?

It really helps to work with a great team that all support and back up one another. I am very lucky in this respect. I stay super focused when in the office and have learned how to prioritize. I don’t believe in face time. You learn to work at odd hours to catch up as needed but I don’t let work get in the way of time with kids.


2. In your spare time (!) you co-founded the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Moms in Training program. Why was this an important group for you to be involved with?  

Helena (co-founder) and I wanted to give back, work out and meet other moms so we formed Moms in Training, an off-shoot of Team in Training that supports the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. We started with 30 moms in Madison Square Park three years ago and now have had hundreds of moms participating in the program and raising over $2 million to find a cure for cancer. It’s important to me in a number of ways. My best friend in college endured a grueling treatment for lymphoma and my father-in-law passed away from a blood cancer. We need to find a cure. This group has also provided me with a ‘social network’ of moms which is hard to find when working all day. Finally, I always looked up to my parents who would tirelessly volunteer for important causes. Now being able to set this example for my children has been especially rewarding (my son sleeps with my race medals next to his bed; he’s also known to tell people he “helps sick kids” when wearing his ‘Toddler in Training’ shirt).

3. Tell us about MIT and how moms can get involved.  

Moms in Training is a 10-week flexible workout program for every level. Moms come together to raise money for LLS while preparing for an optional 4-6 mile run/walk. It’s now in over 40 cities nationally so you can join your local team (or start one if we don’t have one near you!). In New York, our Spring season starts early April — we’re in 12 locations across the city.  The best way to learn about the program is by watching the video on our website. We’ve included a list of all the cities you’ll find Moms in Training below.

4. Are you doing anything interesting when it comes to “working smart” that others could do as well? 

Prioritizing is key, write down the five most important things to get done in the morning and don’t let ‘small stuff’ distract you.  Delegate – trust your colleagues, empower them, everyone wins.


5. What advice do you live by as a working mom?

Two bits of advice come to mind: 1) Stay positive — it’s contagious and your kids behave better when you are in a good mood; 2) It’s all about setting an example for your children. You can tell them over and over what’s right and wrong but it’s not until they see you doing it that it really sticks.  I love that Charlie and Maya see me as an empowered female that volunteers and takes care of herself.

– Anything else you would like to answer?  

I love what Maybrooks is doing for women – we need outlets and resources like this to navigate through these life stages. Thank you!


Find a Moms in Training near you or start your own chapter! You can currently find them in these cities/areas: New York Metro area, Bay Area, Chicago, Los Angeles, DC, Seattle, Boston, Philadelphia, Houston, Dallas, Charlotte, Raleigh, Phoenix, Cleveland, Atlanta, St. Louis