Are you looking for an empowering opportunity to work professionally on your own terms? We are excited to bring you a game-changing opportunity with Hay There Social Media that will provide the tools you need to be your own boss.

Hay There Social Media, built by moms, for moms, can help you create a career that supports your personal and professional self. Learn more about this course (offered remotely and to fit your schedule) and how to start a social media business with the guidance of experienced moms.

“I moved off the corporate America hamster wheel with an intention to build a business that would allow me to work flexibly and live intentionally as I started a family. Social media marketing was my vehicle. Along the way, I’ve built a team of moms who walk the walk every day, and now we are here to help you do the same.”

– Emily A. Hay, Hay There Social Media Founder, and CEO

The next course begins soon—sign up today (spots are limited). 


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