If you have been to the grocery store or been paying attention to your social channels then you have probably seen the recent cover of Time Magazine, featuring Reese Witherspoon. Her media company, Hello Sunshine (promoting female-centric story telling in a male-dominated industry), has been deemed by Time as one of 2021’s Most Influential Companies.

Time writes: “Witherspoon likens Hollywood to a giant cruise ship, which she tries to steer, painstaking degree by painstaking degree, in a better direction. As she says this, she gestures her hands as if she’s scooting a toddler toward his first steps, smiling and offering words of encouragement. “Come on, you can do it,” she says.”

It can be hard to feel encouraged at a time when we are still taking phone calls from the bathroom while 1.3 million other women have left the workforce since the pandemic began, but it is in this not-so-quiet moment that we must listen for that small voice whispering that, “we can, indeed, do it.” Yes, it is hard. Yes, we have been doing it for so long already. And yes, we are tired. But if not us, then who?

If we want to build a better workplace for our daughters, sisters, sons, and brothers, then we will, “painstakingly” as it may be, continue to steer the corporate ship towards a better future.

And Après will stay beside you on this journey towards more equity, more inclusion, and a more family-friendly workplace.

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