Job Opportunity with Streamlit

Software Engineer


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Streamlit is looking for Software Engineers to join the Core Engineering Team! You’ll be building an open-source framework that allows Data Scientists and Machine Learning Engineers to build data apps from pure Python scripts within minutes. You’ll be helping us add features like Programmable State, Custom Components and Theming, and more to polish the experience of using Streamlit. We care about performance, design and workflow and we hope you do too! Under the hood, Streamlit is a Python library with an embedded Tornado web server and a snappy React frontend. ‍

We are a Series B-funded startup founded in San Francisco. Our team is comprised of craftspeople who embrace creativity and empower each other to unlock each of our superpowers. We strive for clarity, empathy, and candor in everything we do.


What you’ll do:

  • Help us add features like Programmable State, Custom Components, Theming, and more to the core open source tool
  • Polish the experience of using Streamlit for developers and end-users – performance, design, workflow
  • Ship design docs for features or to address technical challenges
  • Ship high quality code that implements platform features
  • Review other team members’ designs and code
  • Resolve tech debt and bugs as part of our engineering rotation
  • Participate in and facilitate team meetings
  • Analyze and own overall efficiency, reliability and performance of code base and processes
  • Foster a supportive environment for individuals with varying experiences and abilities.

‍It’s important to us that you have:

  • 2+ years experience with web development using Python, Ruby, or similar dynamic languages
  • Strong front-end skills with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (knowing one frontend framework like React, Vue, or Angular)
  • Experience with technologies like WebSockets, Protocol Buffers etc
  • Experience with Open Source development
  • Demonstrate initiative, ownership and independence

It would be awesome if you also had:

  • Significant experience specifically with Python
  • Experience with React
  • Familiarity or interest with data science, AI, machine learning
  • Experience as an open source contributor or even project maintainer
  • Experience with full-stack automated testing (e.g. Cypress)

About Streamlit

Streamlit is the fastest way to build and share data applications. We’re a collaborative team of technologists who share a common goal to give the data community superpowers that let them project their creativity, intelligence, insights, and influence out into the world. We’re well funded with great investors, and we’re building the future of data and looking for engineers to join our family-friendly and remote-first startup. The team is comprised of folks from a variety of backgrounds with experience at Google, Heroku, Facebook, Twitter, Carnegie Mellon, and Stanford. And some of us didn’t go to school or work anywhere fancy. We don’t care where you went to school or where you worked before, just that you’re excited to help make an amazing experience for building data apps.