“You all have a lot of skills just figure out how to tell your story.” – Amanda Kelly, co-founder of Streamlit

The tech sector boomed in 2020 as everyone worked from home and increasingly relied on online services as stores limited capacity and workplaces and schools shutdown. Apple’s market cap hit $2 trillion, Google’s peaked at $1 trillion, and venture dollars poured into startups, surpassing 2019 levels. 

Employment rates in tech dipped during the pandemic but largely recovered by the end of 2020 and grew through the first quarter of this year. And tech hiring is leading the way in key economies around the country like New York and Austin. And we’re seeing this play out on our job board from recruiting for engineers, recruiters, and more.

A recent Microsoft report estimates that “digital job capacity – or the total number of technology-oriented jobs – will increase nearly five-fold by 2025, rising from 41 million in 2020 to 190 million in 2025.” 

For job seekers, this means opportunity — even if you haven’t worked in tech. In fact, 56% of jobs in tech are not “technical,” according to the Computer Technology Industry Association.

Roles in marketing, human resources and people management, sales, legal, research and development and many more fall into this category. And as this WSJ article points out, industries that weren’t historically tech are pivoting in that direction: real estate, fashion, etc. 

Job titles such as Project Management, Content Marketing, Sales/Business Development, Event Management and more are in demand right now, according to Amanda Kelly, co-founder and COO of Streamlit.

Kelly, who joined us for a recent webinar on how to reposition yourself for a role in tech said that while she scans resumes for about 30 seconds, she’ll always take a coffee or a call with someone who shows sincere interest or who writes a great email.

Even if your skills are 100% aligned with a job description, Amanda Kelly, cofounder of Streamlit, urged us on this week’s webinar to apply anyway and offers great tips on how to tell YOUR STORY in our conversation together. We invite you to watch this discussion and also apply to open roles with Streamlit. If you see opportunities on their careers page that aren’t listed with us, feel free to email us with why you’d like to apply to one of those opportunities.

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