We want to help you out. Here you will find a list of job fairs around the country. Some of the companies are partners with us and some are not. You can take a look and see what works for you. We also have tips on how to prepare and what to expect when attending a job fair.

UnitedHeath Group is a partner of Après and they have multiple jobs fairs offered across the country. Some of them are virtual as well. There are a host of career paths offered.

Clickherefor a list of all UnitedHealth Groups job fairs.

Sports and Entertainment Career Fair, April 11th 7:10pm-Boston, MA

The seventh annual Sports & Entertainment Career Fair will be held on Thursday, April 11th. This great networking event offers career opportunities for eager professionals and current college students looking to break into the Sports & Entertainment industry. The registration fee includes admission to the career fair as well as a ticket to the Red Sox vs Blue Jays game that evening. Dress code is business professional. Please bring copies of your resume and business cards (if available).

National Career Fairs throughout the U.S.

Multi-School Career Fair April 10th, 11am-2:30pm-Philadelphia, PA

HireLive Career Fairs throughout the U.S. 

BestHire Career Fairs throughout the U.S.

Virginia Employment Commission Job Fairs

Job Fairs in Houston, TX

Job Fairs in Chicago, IL

State of New Jersey Department of Labor Job Fair-multiple dates and locations

Bank of America Job Fairs-multiple dates and cities across the country. Includes military and tech as well.

Tips on what to expect at job fairs and how to follow up.

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If you apply to any jobs that are partners with us, please let us know and we will follow up. Send an email to contact@apresgroup.com