If you’re experiencing trepidation about applying for jobs and actually sending in a resume, or if you are exploring new industries or opportunities, attending a job fair can be a great opportunity. Why?

First, going to a job fair begins to set the intention that you plan to find a job. Dress professionally. Use it as a moment to reconnect with your professional self. Just getting out from behind your computer screen will give you new energy and illuminate that you are not alone in looking for a job. And, opportunity may knock. Take a friend.

Second, events like these offer a chance to learn about companies in the area you may know nothing about. Put your research skills to work and learn about new things. Notice what trends or industries catch your eye. Ask many questions.

And third, this is the place to test your elevator pitch. Think of it as a low risk, low expectation way to begin practicing talking to other people out loud about what you want to do. Does it resonate with hiring managers? These informal conversations are a great way to have someone give you free feedback on a resume or if your experience will work for a particular expertise.

Curious about what more to expect? The Department of Labor provides this cheat sheet. Not all will be the same and of course they vary in size and specificity.

Take some time to think and prepare. If you plan to take your resume, is it in good shape? How will you talk about the gap in your resume (see a list of resources below).

We’ve compiled a list of some upcoming job fairs – take a look, and get out there!


National Career Fairs throughout the U.S.

HireLive Career Fairs throughout the U.S. 

BestHire Career Fairs throughout the U.S.

Virginia Employment Commission Job Fairs

Job Fairs in Houston, TX

Job Fairs in Chicago, IL

State of New Jersey Department of Labor Job Fair (multiple dates and locations)

Bank of America Job Fairs (multiple dates and cities across the country)

Know of more we should add to this list? Email us contact@apresgroup.com.


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