By Laurie Palau, founder of simplyBorganized

Clutter produces feelings of anxiety, plain and simple. Here are three tips to reduce the clutter and create an environment that’s functional, inviting, inspiring and calming:

1. Let your desk double as storage.  Instead of having a separate filing cabinet, consider a desk with built-in storage. Many places like Ballard Designs offer options where you can customize your workspace to suit your needs. Utilizing the desk base with filing and drawer storage allows you to free up valuable space  that was otherwise occupied.

ballard corner desk


2. Select “like” products to create a streamlined look.  One of my favorite product lines is theBASICS collection from  It has the perfect combination of function and style to create a calm and inviting workspace. Whether you are looking for a place to store magazines, papers or general office supplies, the BASICS collection has what you need.




3.  Go vertical! Wall space is one of first areas that gets overlooked for functional space. You never seem to have enough desk space, right? I love these Vintage Wall Bins from  Use the top one as a “to do” and the bottom one as “to file” or dedicate a bin for each family member, or clients…the possibilities are endless!


Regardless of whether you use your office for work or as the command center for your home, designing a space that you want to spend time in is important. Create a space that is both functional and stylish.   An uncluttered space allows you the freedom to accomplish what you need in an environment where you want to spend time.

Happy Organizing!

(A version of this post appeared originally on simplyBorganized.)