Do you wish you felt more confident in your career or in your life outside of work?

Whether you’re currently working, thinking about returning to the workforce, or debating about whether or not to be a stay at home mom, this workshop will help you learn tools to manage self doubt and fear, and feel more confident in your own choices in your career and as a mom.

Join moms and coaches Julie Houghton and Paula Jenkins of www.jumpstartyourjoy.com for this popular workshop.


  • The top reasons why confidence is hard to find
  • How the cycle of self-doubt works and one easy step to stop it
  • Why fighting that voice of self-doubt just makes things worse and what to do instead
  • Concrete tools to help you gain more confidence, get unstuck and move forward in your relationships, your career and your life.


Webinar leaders:

Julie Houghton is the mom to two girls and a life and career coach who specializes in helping women find the courage to do work they love. As your coach she’s your confidante, visionary, cheerleader, and mentor.

Paula Jenkins is a certified life coach, and project manager, who holds a master’s degree from Yale University. For the last 20 years, she has led projects and teams for big clients like Clorox, Visa, Genentech, Xbox, and Chevron Federal Credit Union and at well known ad agencies like DDB, AKQA, Havas Worldwide and Comrade. She’s the host of the New & Noteworthy and What’s Hot, Top 200 podcast, Jump Start Your Joy, which launched in 2015, and is moving into its 4th season. She works with women to help them find their joy, and with entrepreneurs to develop what she calls a “project management mindset.” She lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with her husband, Sean the Chef, their 7 year old son, and their friendly rescue chiweenie named Chewie. You can follow her adventures at www.jumpstartyourjoy.com