We often talk about “not having enough time” or “feeling too tired” to get things done, but it can be our limited or unfocused energy that inhibits us.

So, the most important thing you can do to meet your goals is to stay energized. Energy levels can impact whether or not you take action and ultimately get what you want in life.

Here are a few of my favorite tips (delivered in the context of healthy eating but the same framework can be applied to other goals) that can help you keep the momentum going toward achieving your goals in a natural and motivating way. These tips make it feel “easier” to pursue your goals because they help you take action and lead to creating positive habits for the long-term:

Start Small

Take one small step at a time toward your goal. If you want to eat healthier, just buy the spinach and see what happens after it’s in your fridge. Or, go for a ten-minute walk, and maybe it’ll turn into twenty minutes while you’re out there.

Don’t try to overdo it in the beginning. Taking small steps “tricks” your brain into thinking you’re not making a big change and you’ll make up fewer excuses to avoid action.

Be Consistent

Perform the new action or habit consistently. Make a commitment to a small step daily. To feel healthier, I started drinking warm lemon water first thing in the morning – no excuses. That small step became a habit and eventually led to healthier food choices all day.

Just think, you brush your teeth every day. It’s a habit now, but it wasn’t always that way.

Increase Over Time

Increase your good habits over time, slowly outweighing negative habits. For example, do you like sweets? It’s okay to have dessert, but make sure you eat a lot of leafy greens that week as well.

You’ll see a change in your health and then you can deal with your sweet tooth after you’ve built up your healthy habits. Your body will likely start craving those colorful vegetables anyway.

Track Your Progress

Log your fitness and nutrition activity. Establishing accountability throughout your program allows you to see the small victories over time. And, today’s technology (e.g., websites and apps) makes it easier than ever to track your activities.

When you feel accountable and can see tangible results, you’re more likely to make progress toward your goals.

Challenge Yourself

Do an extra push-up next time you’re exercising. Your body will assume it has to work harder, and it will learn to compensate for that extra push-up. Next time, you can do more push-ups!

Make It Fun

Make your action steps as much fun as possible. For example, ask a friend to join you for your workouts. You’re more likely to continue the behavior and be motivated to make it a positive habit.

By focusing on action and progress each day with these approaches, you will create daily positive habits that will consistently revitalize your spirit to ultimately impact your success.

A version of this post appeared originally on Rosie’s site, Innerbrilliancecoaching.com


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