Inside each of us is a passionate spark waiting to be discovered and released. Our passions feed our soul and contribute our vital life force to the world. What happens if yours is lying dormant under a to-do list and a pile of dirty laundry?

A career coach can be a valuable resource during this transformation. Here are some strategies from our experts to start you on the path to discovering your calling.

Ready for Change

The stirring of discontent is one of the first signs it is time to change. Recognizing the reasons you are ready to take the leap is a significant step toward making your dreams a reality.

Wake Up Your Potential

Believing in yourself and having courage are the most important things you will need to begin this journey. There is no turning back when you find yourself waking up to your potential.

Take Your Side Hustle Full Time

Is there something you are already doing that fills you with joy? Perhaps a hobby, skill or volunteering. With technology providing so many opportunites for self promotion, this is the perfect time to take your side hustle full time.

Define What Makes You Tick

What news section do you turn to first? What part of life really motivates you? How can you build around that to create a business that supports that interest — that passion? See how Jenny Terry parlayed her passion for community building to an incredible speaker series.

Living a Life with Vision

Once your dreams have been set in motion, take care to protect and nurture what you have created. Here are a few tips for living a life with vision. Cultivating your passion is a gift you give to yourself and the world. Please don’t keep us waiting!

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