How We Created Intel’s Diversity Fund (Fast Company)

Intel Capital — the investment arm of Intel — has earmarked $125 million for investing in women and minority-led companies. Lisa Lambert, the leader of this fund, talks about how it came to be and why it’s so important and so needed.

Taking Parental Leave, If You Even Get It (CBS Sunday Morning)

The Sunday morning program examines the value of men taking paternity leave with a look at one father on six weeks of paid leave provided by Price Waterhouse and Coopers. The piece also underscores the struggle when leave is not paid for both men and women, and how little time many have to bond with children before returning to work due to lack of quality leave opportunities. We’re thrilled to see Vicki Shabo of National Partnership for Women and Families interviewed as we recently featured her on Maybrooks!

Can an Algorithm Hire Better Than a Human? (NYT)

New startups say they can improve diversity at companies via software tools and algorithms that are blind to bias. Our friends at Doxascore get a mention!

Husbands And Wives: Who Works, Who Doesn’t? (NPR)

An economist looks at how the number of two-income earners in a family (about two-thirds) hasn’t changed much since 2000 and says it won’t change dramatically “unless men take on a larger share of child care duties or women get more access to things like parental leave and flexible work schedules, which make it easier for women to work full time.” The charts are pretty cool to look at.

Why These Companies Are Now Offering 4-Day Work Weeks (Brit+Co)

“A 2014 study by the Society for Human Resource Management found 43 percent of companies offer four-day work weeks to some of their employees and discovered this schedule had a positive impact on their bottom line.”

New Momentum on Paid Leave, in Business and Politics (NYT)

From policy efforts to Hillary Clinton to businesses — including ones like Molly Moon, an ice-cream chain in Seattle — seeing value in providing paid leave to parents, there’s momentum on paid leave as described in this article.

When It Comes to Careers, Why Is There No Value Placed on Being With Our Children? (HuffPost Parents)

We penned this one for HuffPost Parents. “Why is the idea of a mother leaving to be with her children at dinner time somehow viewed as a bad thing, and more importantly, as a career staller — particularly given that when men do this they are viewed as good dads and not penalized from a career perspective?”


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