Are you trying to fit your square peg into a round hole role?

It is natural human behavior to begin a job search process by looking at open roles and crafting your resume to fit into a role that sounds exciting to you.  We are all wired to try to fit our square peg into a round hole of employment. We need to shift our mindset from looking outside of ourselves at open roles to what we really desire out of a role and what will work well with our lifestyle.

If you are ready to head back to work or would like to improve your work/life flow, this webinar will give you the tools and confidence you need to define your own terms for your next role!  

How does it work?

First we will focus on what meaningful work means to you. Meaningful work is an expression of you and will feel easy and joyful.  This “meaningful work mindset,” is what you need to engage when you think about returning to work or creating new opportunities.


With meaningful work on the horizon, we will take three steps to create your terms for reentering the workforce.

  1. We begin by looking inward to find what you truly desire out of your next role.  Do you want to increase your experience in a certain area, dust off skills that you love to use, serve a certain group of people or work with colleagues who you respect and can learn from?
  2. Next we look at how your life is set up and what is working for you right now.  What changes are you willing to make in order to go back to work? Defining your terms before you go back to work will help you to practice creating your future from the inside out.
  3. Once these factors are clearly defined, you will have a much narrower target and a simple roadmap to begin your job search.  You are ready to activate your network and start spreading the word about the role you are looking for.


Join us for a live presentation with Q&A to follow.

Date: October 17, 2018

Time: 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. EST


Webinar leader:


Laura Riordan Life Coach working with women in transition and returning to workLaura Riordan, Ph.D., is a life coach and mother who works with individuals and couples in times of transition. She is a graduate of Cornell University¹s School of Hotel Administration and in 2006 earned her Ph.D. in Transpersonal Psychology. Laura’s own passion for a balanced life has been fueled by her long-term yoga practice, extensive travels, continuing education and commitment to community. Laura lives in San Rafael with her husband and daughter. Visit her at


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