“Negotiation” is merely a discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.  Yet many women are terrified to negotiate and avoid important discussions that could greatly improve their lives.

Whether it’s negotiating for a higher salary, better work/life balance, more support with childcare, equal opportunities as male counterparts, or any personal need, women oftentimes avoid discussions where they fear others’ needs may be compromised or they don’t feel deserving of the request.  Their inside voices and lack of experience in successful negotiations get in their way of asking for what they really want.

Research shows that women are often uncomfortable asking for a specific personal outcome but are great at asking for an outcome that is on behalf of others or they feel mutually benefits them and their counterpart.  They are great at communal problem-solving and empathizing with others’ needs.  In these ways, women are very talented negotiators.

In this workshop, we’ll build off what we women do naturally well.  We’ll:

  • Discuss how to leverage your natural talents for negotiation
  • Learn a framework for preparing for a negotiation
  • Learn best practices for moving through the negotiation process
  • Discuss scenarios for using this approach to help you get what you want

This will be a very interactive, discussion-based webinar with ample tips and insight.


Webinar leader:

Sara Ironside is an executive coach, consultant, facilitator and educator on topics of leadership development, communication, and team alignment.