kate mcmahon headshot on maybrooks.comQ: What advice to you have for working moms?

Kate McMahon: The other bit of advice is: seek out other working moms who can relate to you. One of the hard truths I encountered was realizing that some of my friends and I were going down diametrically different paths when I went back to work and they didn’t. Stay-at-home-moms and working moms have fundamentally different schedules and different priorities. It’s really hard to relate to each others stresses. I had to learn how to relate to old friends in new ways who became stay-at-home moms. And I had to make new friends who are working moms whose challenges are more like mine.

Kate McMahon is freelance documentary producer for PBS Frontline, Independent Film Channel, NewsHour with Jim Lehrer, and HBO. She’s a working mom of two.

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