Elaine-McGhee-Nov-2014-284x300Working Mom Support Coach who helps new moms confidently return to work after maternity leave and find balance as a working mother.

I’m Elaine, mother of two, wife, Working Mom Support Coach, and Founder of ThriveMomma. Nice to meet you!

My passion is running my coaching practice, ThriveMomma, and doing everything I can to support moms around the country. I supply this support through providing the right information, smart tools and emotional guidance to help women thrive as they return to work after having a baby.

Why? I know what it’s like to feel scared and unprepared to adjust to life as a working mom. Though I was of course so excited about welcoming my baby into this world, when I had my first daughter I soon found myself overwhelmed (well, that’s an understatement!). It felt like nothing was going smoothly. I didn’t set my baby, my boss or myself up for success, and I was a HOT MESS. From crying on the freeway on the way to work to struggling to get everything done, I wasn’t able to keep it together. It was a rough start for me but the reality is that far too many women are suffering in silence.

I lacked community, and now I seek to provide that connection for other moms.

The honest truth is that the transition from baby bonding to working is a HUGE deal, and nothing is ever the same again. This is not a time in your life that you can navigate successfully alone, and you and your family deserve to have all the support, love, and guidance you can get your hands on.

This I KNOW: the most valuable things in life are those that don’t necessarily come easy, the working mom lifestyle included. However, with some new ways of planning, a few mindset shifts, and a proper support network you can “have it all.” And you can experience how this crazy, messy, wonderful lifestyle can be so rewarding.

One of the biggest myths is that you can achieve “work/life balance.” The truth is that showing up fully for your family and for your career is a beautiful dance where you learn to be fully present in each moment and in turn be the best version of yourself in all roles we play throughout our work day.

Whether in person or virtually, I help pregnant women and maternity leave moms with:
– Designing back-to-work readiness plans and checklists
– Supporting their emotional wellbeing

And working mothers with:
– Refining powerful morning and night routines
– Developing productivity “work stations” to make daily tasks easier
– Planning healthy and quick meals
– Reducing mom-guilt and stress through mindfulness
– Learning how to juggle it all with high tech and low tech time management tools

I’m not a lawyer, lactation consultant, or doula. I’m a working mom who has spent years researching and teaming up with a diverse group of experts to craft a straightforward way to help mothers thrive.

Before ThriveMomma was “born,” I’ve spent over 10 years in marketing and project management for leading medical device companies; and I have to admit, planning is one of my guilty pleasures. So I’m very excited to share with you how I’ve blended planning with my Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) training in a NEW series called Time management for busy moms: Get organized, on time and less stressed!

So, are you ready to be ready? Let’s chat. Email me here to schedule a call to learn about my Skype and email coaching programs. I’m offering MayBrooks clients an extra 15% off, and can’t wait to hear from you!