Sheryl Sandberg on maybrooks.comA quick summary of good reads related to working mothers and flexibility that you may or may not have read yet!

Sheryl Sandberg: It’s OK to Talk About Babies (WSJ)

At work. With your manager. Before you have kids.

Lean In, Dad: How Shared Diaper Duty Could Stimulate the Economy (NYT)

More women at work equals a better economy.

How the I.R.S. Hurts Mothers (NYT)

How the tax code penalizes second-income earners and may discourage some mothers from working.

New Mom Drew Barrymore Says Women Can’t Have It All (HuffPost Parents)

Here’s Drew’s take on working mothers, and there’s a poll at the end that you can take.

Stronger Jobs Recovery Reaching Women (National Women’s Law Center)

An interesting look at data as it relates to women.