Laurie PalauBy Laurie Palau

Clutter comes in many forms, and an overflowing inbox is no exception.  With the holidays quickly approaching there is no better time to eliminate unwanted emails: UNSUBSCRIBE to irrelevant email lists.

1. “Ask yourself, does this email have relevance to me?”

Did you ever notice that almost every time you purchase something, the retailer will ask you for your email address?  The next thing you know your inbox is being flooded with emails about new products and upcoming sales. The majority of these emails carry little relevance to us, but if you’re like most people, you typically do one of two things: either delete it, or choose to ignore it.

You may be thinking “what’s so bad about either of those choices?” and the short answer is nothing, but just like physical clutter, you need to ask yourself “does this email have relevance to me?” If the answer is “no”, then you may want to consider unsubscribing from their list. Unsubscribing is quick and easy.

2. Take the time to Unsubscribe.

How to UNSUBSCRIBE from unwanted emails:  Typically at the bottom of the email there will be a link for you to click asking if you would like to have your email address removed from future mailings.  Depending on the particular site, clicking on that link may be enough, but other sites may require another step of having you send an email confirming that you want your name removed.

Other emails to consider unsubscribing from are NEWSLETTERS.  We all have the best of intentions on staying up-to-date on information that we are interested in learning more about.  Whether it’s for a hobby, entertainment or work related if you are receiving weekly or monthly newsletters make sure that you are actually taking time to read them.

3. Remember: Emails are not benefiting you if they are just sitting in your inbox.

If you are not prepared to unsubscribe completely (perhaps you do like to keep on pulse on what is going on), see if you can reduce the frequency of emails you receive (instead of weekly, perhaps monthly might be more manageable).

Consider what you’d be missing if you didn’t receive the email in the first place.  You can always increase the frequency of emails or re-subscribe if you feel like you are missing out by no longer receiving them, but chances are, you won’t even notice they are gone.

A cluttered inbox is just another source for unnecessary stress and anxiety.  It’s a constant reminder of what we need to do, so keep unwanted emails to a minimum and eliminate the one’s you can.

The 2 minutes it takes to have your name taken off a list is worth the valuable time you’ll save sorting through irrelevant emails you don’t need.

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