In 2012 after having my second baby in two years and quite fortunately working very flexibly during that time with full benefits, I watched friends leave the workforce to focus on their families and fret about “getting back in,” and others juggling to make it all work. I realized we needed to move faster on behalf of working moms in America.

In my work with Maybrooks, Après, and Your Turn, we have been able to work with incredible corporate partners that are hiring women off of the sidelines by marketing return to work programs and posting job opportunities where resume gaps are welcome.

International Women’s Day this year #eachforequal asks this: “An equal world is an enabled world. How will you help forge a gender equal world? Celebrate women’s achievement. Raise awareness against bias. Take action for equality.”


Here’s what we’re doing. What if every working mom out there (there are millions of you!) on a team that’s hiring posted just one job with Après, and helped put one mom back to work? ONE JOB. ONE MOM. No need to be on the HR team. No need to launch a huge program. Just an actionable step to move faster together. As Michelle Obama says, “Don’t waste your seat at the table.”

More moms in the workforce =

  1. Good things for the economy: Estimates show moving women off the sidelines can increase GDP by 5%.
  2. Better workplace policies for all: There’s a quiet but mighty army of moms in companies pushing for paid leave, flexible work places, respect for the caregiving years, and more.
  3. Exceptional talent: Career breaks offer a chance to recharge and gain new skills. There’s research showing that mothering makes us better employees — that brains grow in new ways after childbirth, allowing for better relationship building and problem solving — all critical in the workplace!


Yep, that’s it. One job moves the needle on behalf of one mom. In honor of International Women’s Day 💕 we’ve slashed our job listing price to just $99 (usually $249) through Monday. Share with your friends, share with your colleagues, and let’s get moms back to work, together!