As a new mom a tremendous amount of planning and preparation goes into the arrival of the little one. There are nurseries to decorate, names to curate, birth plans to select, the list goes on and on. Often what is overlooked is a game plan for oneself after the baby is born.

It is easy to be caught off guard and overwhelmed by the magnitude of effort required to look after a newborn. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind in order to prepare yourself for the metamorphosis.


It is essential to carve out time for yourself to recharge. This is often the first thing to go although it is crucial to your own sanity as well as the wellness of your family. In order to accomplish this you may find it necessary to build yourself a virtual escape. This space can be a lifesaver in the efforts to restore your vitality.

Find your tribe

It is a fact that friendships change after the baby is born. Some may evolve and some will dissolve. Surrounding yourself with women who provide support and encouragement will do wonders for your spirit and self esteem. This is the time to form a thrive tribe and connect with women who have been there, done that. Know that one day you will be the one offering the helping hand.


There comes a time when you know you are ready to take the leap and reenter the work world. Many women use this an opportunity to reinvent themselves and forge ahead in an entirely new direction. If you felt stifled in your old role, take the steps toward career transition post baby.

Wherever you are in your journey, this tool kit is chock full of advice to help you make the transition to motherhood with serenity and confidence.

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