While binge watching the original Gilmore Girls with my daughter, I delighted in this exchange between Rory and Paris who are college seniors and reviewing each other’s resumes. Paris is overly prepared:

“I have 21 versions, each one tailored to a particular job in a particular field: grad school, law school, med school, fellowships, jobs on newspapers, jobs on the business side of newspapers, jobs working for multimedia conglomerations, jobs working for quote-unquote “the little guy,” jobs in the public sector, i.e., internships in Washington, for which there are three different versions based on whether or not I’m applying to work for a democrat, a republican, or a Joe Lieberman.”

And while I’m laughing, I’m not! There’s likely no need for 21 versions, but it is important to tailor the resume to each job you’re applying to, and this takes TIME.

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