Imagine that moment when you’re driving a car and you make a wrong turn or miss an exit. Your GPS will glitch for a few seconds and then a robotic voice will say:


Thanks to the global pandemic, it’s as if every working adult on the planet is in our cars, hearing this voice, all at the exact same time. Even if the pandemic did not lead you to a major transition, you’ve likely spent the past 11 months making readjustments and pivots to keep up with the rapid pace of change in the world today. We are all recalculators now.

Recalculating is no doubt a challenge—but it’s also an opportunity. That is the message of New York Times bestselling author Lindsey Pollak’s timely, inspirational and action-oriented presentation based on her brand new book, Recalculating.

With her signature combination of engaging storytelling, data-driven insights and immediately applicable advice, Lindsey will address such topics as:

Adopting and maintaining a positive mindset

Building a resilient personal brand

Skilling and reskilling for the future

Mastering the art of virtual communication

Networking in the “new normal”

Attendees will leave this webinar with positive encouragement and clear steps to successfully recalculate and thrive in their own career and life journeys.

Recalculating: Navigate Your Career Through the Changing World of Work

March 9, 10 a.m. PST / 1 p.m. EST


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